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Model CL1 Refrigerator


 Model CL1 Refrigerator belongs to a plug-in type device, with features of obvious refrigerating effect, easy operation, simple structure and low noise. It can be inserted at will into a liquid container, which needs auxiliary cooling to acquire ideal temp. Dropping effect, suitable for use in laboratories of factories, universities and scientific research institutes, etc.
It complies with Shanghai enterprise standard of Q/TBXR10, i.e. "Series CL refrigerator".


Main Technical Data



Rated Power


Power voltage

AC220V 50Hz Single-phase

Temperature adjustment range

Room temperature (25ْC) to-20ْC

Dropping time

 4L ethanol solution, room temperature (25ْC) to -20ْC about 120min



Dimensions for refrigerator

φ35×180mm(φ D.L)

Overall dimensions (D×W×H)


Extended length of the hose


Gross weight


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