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Model DL151B High Temperature Sintering Furnace



The furnace is used for the sintering of various shaped plastic materials such as polytetrafluoroethylene, polytetrafluoroethylene and other low fusion materials. The furnace can also be used for metal heat-treatment, other industrial heating with a temperature above 100ْC, etc. The newly developed 151B is equipped with digital display controlling temperature device and overheat alarm & protection device.

  It complies with Shanghai enterprise standard of Q/TBXR8, i.e. "Specifications for High Temperature Sintering Furnace".


Main Technical Data



Temperature range


Temperature fluctuation


Temperature uniformity


Total Power


Power voltage

380/220V 50Hz

Speed of rotary disk

2.5~3 r/min

Average load of per rotational disc

Dimensions of working chamber (D×W×H)

850×850×900 (mm)

Overall dimensions (D×W×H)

1300×1570×1980 (mm)

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